Saturday, August 1, 2009

Linux: Download YouTube Videos

Install the youtube-dl script. With Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl
Next, find the YouTube video you want to download and pass it to the script:

youtube-dl -b -t ""
Command-line options:

Usage: youtube-dl [options] video_url

-h, --help print this help text and exit
-v, --version print program version and exit
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
account username
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
account password
-o FILE, --output=FILE
output video file name
-q, --quiet activates quiet mode
-s, --simulate do not download video
-t, --title use title in file name
-l, --literal use literal title in file name
-n, --netrc use .netrc authentication data
-g, --get-url print final video URL only
-2, --title-too used with -g, print title too
-f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
append &fmt=FORMAT to the URL
-b, --best-quality alias for -f 18
See also: youtube-dl Homepage

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