Saturday, July 25, 2009

Web: Multiple Firefox Profiles with Linux

To run multiple instances of Firefox simultaneously, or run multiple copies with different settings/plugins, start Firefox like this:
firefox -P -no-remote
That will bring up a dialog box that lets you select a profile or create a new one.

Other Firefox command-line options:

Usage: firefox [ options ... ] [URL]
where options include:

X11 options
--display=DISPLAY X display to use
--sync Make X calls synchronous
--no-xshm Don't use X shared memory extension
--g-fatal-warnings Make all warnings fatal

Mozilla options
-height <value> Set height of startup window to <value>.
-h or -help Print this message.
-width <value> Set width of startup window to <value>.
-v or -version Print Firefox version.
-P <profile> Start with <profile>.
-ProfileManager Start with ProfileManager.
-no-remote Open new instance, not a new window in running instance.
-UILocale <locale> Start with <locale> resources as UI Locale.
-safe-mode Disables extensions and themes for this session.
-jsconsole Open the Error console.
-g or --debug Start within /usr/bin/gdb (Must be first)

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